Cita Petik Tomat Lucu 💙 Bermain dan Mengenal Buah 💙 Permainan Alam Anak

Ayo teman teman kita petik tomat di halaman belakang rumah. Ayo kita gerakkan program ketahanan pangan. Cita masih balita dan suka sekali makan sayur. Tomat di belakang rumah sudah panen. Cita petik tomat dengan senang dan gembira sekali. Sambil bermain dan belajar mengenal buah-buahan. Senang ya

Let our friends picking tomatoes in the backyard. Let’s move the food security program.

tomatoes harvest is a video about a little girl who harvest tomatoes at the back yard. this video was made with the purposes as a learning media for kids. especially for children who learn indonesian language. nowadays in Indonesia, there are only few good media in the mass media like television. much of them presents such as electronic cinema, telenovela or entertainment show only for commercials which is actually not for children consumption. in this ‘tomatoes harvest’ video, Inserted charge of learning such as learning to count, to know color and a model for children to get used to interact with nature environment. to avoid the danger of social media, this youtube channel produces videos to facilitate learning especially for Indonesian kids.

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